Equipment for handling waste from building demolition or metalic structures, for the environment and forestry

CMB S.r.l. specializes in the design and manufacture of hydraulic equipment for the handling and recycling of ferrous and waste materials in general. Thanks to the great experience gained over the years and many investments in human resources, advanced technology and research, CMB is recognized and respected in the market because of its seriousness, the high level of organization and the high quality of its products. The wide range of facilities, along with customized solutions, will satisfy even the most complex requirements. Designed to withstand over time, the components subject to wear and mechanical stress are made of HARDOX. CMB guarantees high performance and high reliability by using electrical and hydraulic components of the best brands. The warehouse is provided with a wide range of materials as Fe 355, Weldox and Hardox 400/450/500 700/900.
This enables the CMB to offer a wide range of high quality products and a qualified pre and post-sales service.


UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Certificato ISO 9001:2008

International Certification to management systems

This Certification No. 134787-2013-AQ-ITA-ACCREDIA is valid for the following products and services: design, production and after-sales service of hydraulic and mechanical equipment to move waste materials, for demolition and recycling. CMB also builds carpentry products according to customer specifications.

Welding certification

EN 287-1 Welder Approval Testing. Specialized staff is provided with lifting equipment in every work station.

CE is a mandatory conformity marking for products build within the European Economic Area.

Quality service and assistance

CMB provides high quality products, high performance, high level of accuracy, high quality materials and components and a qualified post-sale service as well as rapid.


The consolidated experience, the wide range of expertise and our proven working method allow us to address every aspect of a project's development, although very challenging, involving the CAD design, the choice of materials and structural calculations.


All operations are controlled by a modern computer system that oversees the management of the most modern machine tools and CNC machines. The control at every stage of the construction process, in addition to durability tests for each new application, places our products at the top for performance and reliability.

Mechanical Tests

The materials are subjected to periodic mechanical tensile tests, hardness, strength and toughness. For durability over time, are also performed corrosion tests and resistance to aging.